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Safely and Easily un-cock your crossbow anywhere. Are you tired of lugging around a discharge target or firing blanks into the ground? It’s time for a change and safer alternative. The Crossbow Defuser is a portable crossbow de-cocking system for most major brand crossbows. There are five adjustments to fit nicely against different shaped risers. It easily attaches to your crossbow by sliding in like an arrow, moving the u-brace tight against the riser and tightening the t-handle. The Crossbow Defuser decocks the crossbow safely and easily in seconds! Simply take off the safety, squeeze the trigger and simply loosen the t-handle to defuse and your crossbow is now ready for storage! The Crossbow Defuser is powder coated and zinc coated to make the unit weather resistant for years of service. Check out our website to see which model fits your bow properly and instructional videos.


Scorpyd Instructions


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Parker Strips Installation




 Crossbow Defuser Commercial 1 

 Crossbow Defuser Commercial 2